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Brexit: PM sends EU unsigned request seeking Brexit delay – BBC News

Boris Johnson has sent a request to the EU for a delay to Brexit – but without his signature.

The request was accompanied by a second letter, signed by Mr Johnson, which says he believes that a delay would be a mistake.

The PM was required by law to ask the EU for an extension to the 31 October deadline after losing a Commons vote.

EU Council President Donald Tusk tweeted that he had received the extension request.

He did not provide details of its content, but added that he will now consult EU leaders “on how to react”.

Hours after losing a crunch vote in a historic Saturday session in the House of Commons, the prime minister ordered a senior diplomat to send an unsigned photocopy of the call by MPs set out in the so-called Benn Act, passed last month.

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Boris Johnson or Donald Trump: Who’s got it worse? – BBC News

The US president is facing an impeachment inquiry while the British prime minister has had a turbulent few weeks. But are things really that bad for the two leaders?

Political correspondent, Helen Catt, based in London, and Anthony Zurcher, the BBC’s North American correspondent in Washington DC, have been comparing notes.

Produced by Bella McShane

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Supreme Court: Second day of legal prorogation battle – BBC News

The legal battle over the suspension of Parliament has finished for a second day at the Supreme Court.

The government’s lawyer, Sir James Eadie QC, said it was not for the courts to “design a set of rules” over prorogation as it was a political matter.

But Aidan O’Neill QC, on behalf of campaigners against the move, said it was used “for an improper purpose”.

Boris Johnson prorogued Parliament earlier this month for five weeks.

The prime minister said it would allow him to hold a Queen’s Speech on 14 October to outline his new policies for the coming year.

But critics say his intention was to silence MPs and stop them scrutinising his plans in the run-up to the Brexit deadline on 31 October.

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Boris Johnson insists UK will leave EU on 31 October- BBC News

The prime minister has told the BBC that he will follow the law, but will leave the EU at the end of October.

“I will uphold the constitution, I will obey the law, but we will come out on October the 31st” he told the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg.

A bill was passed by Parliament in early September to prevent the UK from leaving the European Union without a deal.

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Boris Johnson’s call for general election rejected by MPs – BBC News

Boris Johnson has faced a double defeat in the Commons after MPs turned down his motion for a general election.

Earlier, MPs backed a bill aimed at blocking a no-deal Brexit if the PM hadn’t agreed a plan with the EU ahead of the 31 October deadline.

Mr Johnson said the bill “scuppered” negotiations and the only way forward now was an election.

But Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn accused the PM of “playing a disingenuous game” to force a no-deal Brexit.

He said his party would back an election after the bill had been passed, but not before.

Both the SNP and the Liberal Democrats also criticised the prime minister’s motion as a plot to make sure the UK left the EU without a deal.

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Brexit: UK’s new PM accused of pursuing ‘no-deal’ – BBC News

Britain’s new Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he’s ‘very confident’ a new Brexit deal can be reached with the European Union. Speaking on his first visit to Scotland as Prime Minister, he said there was scope for a new plan – but Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said she believed he was secretly pursuing a ‘dangerous’ no-deal Brexit.

Meanwhile the company which owns the car maker Vauxhall says the firm will shut its factory in the North of England if Brexit makes the site unprofitable.

BBC News at Ten’s coverage with Clive Myrie, Scotland Editor Sarah Smith, Business Editor Simon Jack, Chief Political Correspondent Vicki Young, and Coletta Smith.

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Iran seizes British-flagged tanker in Gulf | Times News

The defence minister Tobias Ellwood has said that the Royal Navy is too small to fulfil a global role as audio tapes revealed Iran ignored its warnings not to seize a British-flagged tanker in the Gulf.
Mr Ellwood said that defence funding would be a significant challenge for Theresa May’s successor, who moves into Downing Street next week, if Britain wanted its armed forces to have international clout.

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