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21 Amazing Shortcuts For Microsoft Word User – MS Word Hot Keys For Power User

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Agar Aap MS Word ke Power User Banna Chahte Hain To Aapko Yeh hotkeys Pata honi chahiye keyboard ki ye key combinations aapki MS Word key productivity ko Aur Bhi Jyada badhenge Yeh hot key Combinations Aapke MS Word ke Experience ko Aur Bhi Jyada behtar Banakar aapko ek Power User banayege

MS WORD TABLE TIPS TRICKS – https://youtu.be/A4DiOIPzNNc

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✅Microsoft Outlook 2016 Tasks and To-Do Lists🗒

One feature that frequently goes overlooked in Microsoft Outlook 2016 is the task feature. If you need a to-do list or a task list, you are probably more likely to find a third party tool rather than using the one that is built into Outlook. This feature works well, but is little known even among people who use Outlook frequently. 

Since the task feature is integrated into a platform that manages email, contacts, and calendaring, it makes your to-do list flow seamlessly into the rest of your work life. Features such as the ability to assign a to-do to someone in your contacts using an email is just one example of how three of the different features in Outlook can work together.  

In this video, we will show you how to set up new tasks and walk you through all of the features such as scheduling, reminders and automatically recurring tasks. Outlook will even allow you to categorize your task lists so that you can separate tasks in any way you like. As simple as this tool is, it is extremely useful and can help you maximize your day when you are wondering what you need to do next. 

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Great Games on a Word Processor? Amstrad PCW Stargliding

On today’s menu let’s discover the joy of Joyce & go Stargliding with Gotek & the majestic Amstrad PCW, with the support of our friends at http://PCBWay.com – PCB assembly for only $30 + free shipping!

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🕹 Habi’s Emulator: http://www.habisoft.com/pcw/
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How to export Outlook contacts to Gmail [Video Tutorial]

In this video tutorial we will show you how to export outlook contacts to gmail.
Launch the Microsoft Outlook. Go to “File” menu, click on “Open” and choose “Import”. In the following window, select “Export to a file” and press “Next”. In the next window select “Comma Separated Values (Windows)” and press “Next”. In the following window choose “Contacts” and press “Next”. In the next window press “Browse” and then choose the destination to export and type the file name for your file. In the “export to a file” window, press “Next”. In the following window press “Finish” to complete the export. Launch your web browser. Type “gmail.com”. In the following web page, sign in to your google account. Click on the “Gmail” and choose “Contacts”. Move mouse down and press “Import Contacts”. In the following window, press “Browse”, select the file you want to upload and press “Open”. When it’s done, press “Import” button. Now you can see imported contacts.

Introducing Microsoft Surface Pro X

You’re always one step ahead. So is the new Surface Pro X. Sleek design and ultimate mobility combine with razor-thin bezels that take your ideas to the edge of the brilliant 13” touchscreen. Work more efficiently anywhere with blazing-fast LTE. For a premium laptop experience on the go, click the Surface Pro X Signature Keyboard in place. The Slim Pen stores securely and recharges in the keyboard, so it’s always at your fingertips. Stand out and stay connected with Surface Pro X.

Learn more at: http://msft.social/SurfaceProX

💻Import and Export Contacts in Outlook 2016 👇☝

If you use Outlook for work, at some point you may need to import and export contacts from your account. Though it may seem complicated, it is actually an easy process if you use the tricks we lay out in this video.

Have you ever tried to import something into Outlook, only to have your file rejected, or your data imported incorrectly?  If you are trying to import contacts into Outlook from a file that isn’t using the same data fields that Outlook needs, you will get bogged down trying to make sure that your data is mapped correctly. If, for example, your ‘first name’ data gets mapped to the ‘last name’ data field, your data will flow into Outlook incorrectly.

Before you import anything into Outlook, you will need to know what Outlook wants. Outlook considers a lot of data fields during the import process, and it can be difficult to determine which fields are necessary, or how to get them in the right format. For this reason, it is easier and more reliable to import data into Outlook using the spreadsheet it gives you.

To fix this problem, start by exporting a CSV file out of Outlook. This will give you a spreadsheet template with all of the fields that Outlook requires. Once you have exported a CSV file, you can begin entering the data you have regarding your contacts. If you carefully input your data into the correct fields, you will have a complete data set that is ready to be imported back into Outlook.

Importing is the same process as exporting. You will need to select the updated CSV file from your computer. Outlook will want to verify that the data fields match up, and this won’t be a problem since you are now using Outlook’s template. Now, you should be ready to start importing your contacts into Outlook.

If you follow these steps, you will soon be a master at importing and exporting contacts in Outlook!

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