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Trump attacks Fox News: It’s not working for us

President Trump took his complaints about Fox News, his biggest bastion of support on television, to a new level, claiming that the network “isn’t working for us anymore.” His tweets made explicit Trump’s long-held belief that Fox belongs to him and his supporters. Despite daily cheerleading from “Fox & Friends” in the morning all the Continue Reading…

Rand Paul to vote against Trump’s national emergency

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and other Republican lawmakers are breaking rank with their own party and supporting a resolution to overturn President Trump’s national emergency declaration over border wall funding. #CNN #News

Police: Active shooter at Aurora, Illinois business | CNN Breaking News

A source with the Aurora Police Department confirms to CNN that there is an active shooter situation at a business in Aurora, Illinois, which is located about 40 miles west of Chicago. The source says all police command staff left the department for the scene. We have no word on any injuries at this time. Continue Reading…

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