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Microsoft Word 2010 & 2007 – Home Menu in Hindi | complete | Home Tab | Video | Lecture | Lesson 2

Microsoft Word 2010 & 2007 – Complete Home Menu Explained in Hindi This video will be useful for you, if you are learning MS Word. [ Microsoft word any version 2007 2010 2013 2016 ] In this video, I am showing how to use complete HOME menu | #Hometab in MS Word 2010, you can also use 2007, 2010, 2016 version In Hindi. almost same. #wordtips

#MSWord has the most commonly used features nested in the Home Menu |Home Tab such as format painter, text formatting, find and replace, allignments, clear formatting, superscript and subscript, font and highlight color, indentation, bullets, numbering and multilavel list, quick styles etc.

in this video Deepak EduWorld explained the Home Tab of MS Word 2010 and explains all the features in the Home Tab | Home Menu with examples. In Hindi.

MS Word Video Series:

Lecture 1 – MS WORD Basic Introduction

Lecture 2 – Microsoft Word 2010 & 2007 – Home Menu in Hindi | complete | Home Tab | https://youtu.be/GqyA5QfiJoQ

Lecture 3 – MS Word Insert Menu In Hindi | How to Insert Table | Complete Design & Layout Tab of table in detail https://youtu.be/uLSH5vgvwnM

Lecture 4 – MS word 2010 – Insert Menu In Hindi | With New Features | insert Picture & Clip Arts With Format Tab https://youtu.be/6zuRMP10k0Y

Lecture 5 – how to protect word document with password in Hindi | word 2007 2010 2013 2016 2019 https://youtu.be/b0ayPSdJ5BM

Lecture 6 – MS Word 2010 – Insert Shapes & Smart Art in Hindi || Learn How To Make Diagrams in Word https://youtu.be/pCfIhfxqDMg

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